Microsoft Xbox 360 Slim, 250GB, BNDL (Schwarz)


  • Microsoft Xbox 360 Slim, 250GB, BNDL, 812 MB, 250 GB, 135 W, 270 x 75 x 264 mm
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Testberichte 1,6 (100%)


sehr gut (1,5)

90 von 100 Punkten
  • Looks fantastic
  • Slimmer and lighter than previous models
  • Very little fan noise
  • Great value for money
  • Cooling fan in power brick
  • No HDMI cable included
  • Chassis collects fingerprints like nobody's business
"Microsoft has given its console's design a pretty radical overhaul, significantly slimming down the tower, which now measures 70 by 270 by 260mm. That's not radically slimmer that the original 360, which was 83mm wide, but shaving off a few centimetres all over really makes a difference."
"Microsoft's Xbox 360 Slim offers improvements over its predecessors in every area, with reduced fan noise, a 250GB hard drive and great looks. It's really good value and, with the brilliant selection of HD games available for the platform, we think it's the best console on the market today."

gut (1,7)

86 von 100 Punkten
  • schlankes Design (17 Prozent kleiner)
  • deutlich leiserer Betrieb
  • effektivere Kühlung
  • größere 250-GByte-HDD
  • fünf USB-Ports
  • Kinect-Port
  • optisch-digitaler Audioausgang
  • proprietäre Festplatte
  • keine Verbesserungen beim Controller
  • sperriges Netzteil
  • keine Kabel für Gaming in HD mitgeliefert
"Die neue Xbox 360 Slim löst mit der effektiveren und leiseren Kühlung die größten Probleme von Microsofts Spielekonsole. Allerdings ist der Unterschied zum Vorgänger nicht groß genug, als dass sich ein Neukauf für Xbox-Besitzer lohnen würde, die noch ein funktionierendes Modell mit Festplatte und HDMI-Ausgang besitzen."

gut (1,7)

86 von 100 Punkten
  • Sleeker design
  • 17 percent smaller
  • Much quieter operation
  • Better cooling
  • Touch-sensitive power and disc tray
  • 250GB hard drive
  • Built-in Wi-Fi
  • Five USB ports
  • Dedicated Kinect port
  • Onboard optical digital audio
  • The hard drive is still proprietary
  • Controller on D-pad remains unchanged
  • Cumbersome power block
  • Renders existing faceplates useless
  • No HD gaming out of the box
"Though the new Xbox 360 certainly addresses most of the concerns we've had with the versions before it, we don't think it warrants a purchase if you already own an Xbox 360 in working order with an HDMI-out port and a hard drive."
"Of course we imagine retailers will offer enticing promotions on trade-ins of existing hardware for the new Slim console, so the choice to do so will ultimately be up to the individual. If you're desperate for Wi-Fi (and don't already have the USB adapter), are low on hard-drive space, or just want a quieter and more reliable Xbox 360 experience, the new Slim console from Microsoft is definitely the way to go."