Microsoft Office 365 Personal, PKC (PC, Mac)

  • Plattformen: PC und Mac
  • Für 1 PC & Mobile Device
  • Deutsche Sprache
  • PKC-Version
  • 1-Jahres-Lizenz

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1,5 (25 %)

(37 Bewertungen)
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  • Größter Programm- und Funktionsumfang
  • Maximale Kompatibilität
  • Viel Cloud-Speicher
  • Voller Umfang nur unter Windows

„sehr gut“ (1,0)

100 von 100 Punkten

  • Clean interface
  • Office on Demand
  • Great collaboration features
  • Updatable
  • Business users automatically upgraded
  • Still not fully accessible on iPad

"Still the best productivity suite on the market - the ability to access your documents on any PC directly through the cloud is going to be a necessity for most users."

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„gut“ (2,0)

80 von 100 Punkten


"Office remains the most comprehensive productivity suite available, and there are still things that each of its applications can do that the opposition can't. If you're working with Office documents, there's nothing more compatible than Office."

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„sehr gut“ (1,5)

90 von 100 Punkten

  • New administration interface
  • New features on Sharepoint and Exchange Online
  • App model for Outlook add-ons
  • Simple and cost-effective plans
  • Wait for upgrades for existing users
  • Does not take full advantage of Skype
  • Lacks integration with Yammer enterprise social networks

"Office 365 is a simple and cost-effective way to get access to new features in desktop Office 2013, but Microsoft still has to prove it can offer meaningful improvements on a regular basis. Smaller companies will appreciate its reliability and interface, but there are powerful options for larger ones too."

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„sehr gut“ (1,5)

90 von 100 Punkten

  • Designed from the ground up for cloud-based storage and collaboration
  • Clear, up-to-date interface
  • Subtle improvements throughout
  • Unmatched power for editing, viewing, sharing
  • Clumsy to use on a touch screen

"[…] Office 2013 looks better than Office 2010 and includes new convenience features, with a minimal learning curve for existing users."

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Generelle Merkmale
Genre Office-Paket
Version Personal
PC/Mac PC, Mac
Betriebssystem Microsoft Windows, Apple MacOS
Anzahl an Usern 1
Sprache Deutsch
Besonderheiten PKC
Windows Ja
Mac Ja