Manhatten Kabel SVGA HD-15

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„gut“ (2,0)

80 von 100 Punkten

  • Extensible, easy physical setup
  • Smartphone app control
  • Bluetooth, IR support
  • Complex software setup process
  • Missing high-end features
  • Expensive

"Logitech’s $349 Harmony Ultimate remote package is made up of a Harmony Touch remote and Smart Hub receiver, which combine to let you control a huge range of TV and home theatre devices. It really is the only remote you need, but you pay a correspondingly high price."

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„gut“ (2,1)

78 von 100 Punkten

  • "The Logitech Harmony Ultimate is a sleek universal remote with RF, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, IR, and a 2.4-inch color touch screen that recognizes some gestures; it's Web-programmable via Macs or Windows PCs, but can edit commands without having to connect to a computer; rechargeable via the included cradle; ..."
  • "Expensive compared with Harmony Smart Control package; poorly placed "transport" buttons; lacks dedicated forward and reverse skip keys; rechargeable battery is not replaceable; takes significant time and effort to set up large, intricate home theater systems."

"Despite its high price and a handful of drawbacks, the Logitech Harmony Ultimate is an impressive, feature-rich universal remote that's well worth the investment, particularly if you have a lot of components in your system."

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„gut“ (2,0)

80 von 100 Punkten

  • Powerful
  • Easy to set up
  • Bluetooth and app support make the remote even more flexible
  • Very expensive.

"If you can get past the price tag, the Logitech Harmony Ultimate is the most powerful, simplest universal remote you can get."

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