Disney Games - Kim Possible + Dr. Drakkens (GBA)

  • Konsole: Gameboy Advance
  • Genre: Denken & Lernen
  • Altersfreigabe (USK): ohne Altersbeschränkung
  • Sprache: deutsch
  • Entwickler/Publisher: Buena Vista

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1,9 (75%)


2,0 (25 %)

(2 Bewertungen)
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„gut“ (1,8)

85 von 100 Punkten


"You've got a platformer with polished design, tight control, plenty of replayability, and a hot gal in the lead role as the butt-kicking, high-flying, belly-shirt-sporting hero chick. Think Castlevania set in So-Cal, or Catwoman with some class. It's certainly a game that you gamer boys shouldn't be ashamed of picking up … if you think you can keep up with her."

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„gut“ (2,0)

80 von 100 Punkten


"While the platforming gameplay is presented well, and the moves are varied and fun, the difficulty and the lack of save spots can be frustrating. After the umpteenth time swinging across the same ledges, players may get tired of the whole thing. Still, for those who persevere, the rewards of seeing ever more cool gadgets and moves are a wonderful incentive."

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Überblick wichtigster Verbraucherangaben
Altersfreigabe Ohne Altersbeschränkung
Generelle Merkmale
Konsole Game Boy Advance
Publisher Disney Interactive Studios
Genre Adventurespiel, Spielesammlung
Maximale Spieleranzahl offline 1
Online-Modus Nein
zwingende Online-Anbindung Nein