Boktai 2 - Solar Boy Django (GBA)

  • Konsole: Gameboy Advance
  • Genre: Action
  • Altersfreigabe (USK): ab 6 Jahren
  • Sprache: deutsch
  • Entwickler/Publisher: Konami

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2,0 (75%)

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„gut“ (2,0)

80 von 100 Punkten


"Once again, a Game Boy Advance sequel is more of the same. But even with the reused graphics engine and recycling of character and enemy sprites, at least Konami put effort into changing the style of gameplay to make the follow-up feel significantly different. There are some elements -- like the "inventory" problem -- that make the sequel slightly more annoying, but overall the game is still an enjoyable GBA franchise…restrictions and all."

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„gut“ (2,0)

80 von 100 Punkten

  • Excellent presentation
  • Changes to the first game's formula make the sequel feel fresh
  • Use of sunlight leads to some innovative puzzles
  • Some interesting plot twists and other surprises
  • Slow to start; assumes your familiarity with the first Boktai
  • Requirement for sunlight can be frustrating
  • Puzzles can be surprisingly difficult right from the start

"[…] Boktai 2 stands as a unique experience that's sufficiently different from the first game to make it seem fresh and interesting all over again."

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Überblick wichtigster Verbraucherangaben
Altersfreigabe Ab 6 Jahren
Generelle Merkmale
Konsole Game Boy Advance
Publisher KONAMI Digital Entertainment GmbH
Genre Adventurespiel, Action-Adventure
Maximale Spieleranzahl offline 4
Online-Modus Nein
zwingende Online-Anbindung Nein